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Hi, I'm considering upgrading from my beginner kayak, an Emotion Spitfire 8. I've really enjoyed my little boat but I think it's time for something bigger and faster. My husband has a Perception Sport Pescador 12 and I just can't keep up with him. In addition, the Spitfire does not track well; whenever I stop paddling, it turns sideways.
Here are the factors to consider:
1. I am a 5'4", 53-year-old mom. Outdoorsy and active, but not what you'd call athletic.
2. Really like the weight of the Spitfire 8. I added after-market side handles to make it easier to carry and load. Don't want a kayak more than about 45 lbs.
3. Need something with good tracking but still stable. I'm a klutz.
4. Usually kayak in fairly flat water, in local creeks, lakes, reservoirs. Also use the kayaks at the beaches in MD and NC but not in the surf; we stay on the bay and sound side.
5. Would like to be able to fish from it but don't need an "angler" kayak. I can add whatever accessories I need.
6. I'd like to have an included padded seat back, actual side handles (not just indentations in the plastic) and paddle keepers. Hatch would be nice but not necessary.
7. I'd like a quality product without spending a fortune.
8. Thinking about Perception Tribe 9.5, Ocean Kayak Caper, etc.
Sorry for the long post, but I was trying to provide as much info as possible. I really appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks!

Most of the 12, 14, and beyond kayaks will weigh a lot more than 45 lbs. if you won't be in rocky shallows, consider a Hurricane Skimmer.