The Necky Hatch Fit List
This informational tool will help you select the right replacement hatch cover for your Necky brand kayak.
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TopKayaker Fit List
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Necky kayaks come with 3 different types of hatch covers.

1. Rubber covers that fit like a Tupperware, in oval, egg or round shapes. Rubber covers will show as "Rubber" or "Valley" in the list. Those under the name "Valley" are imported from Valley Canoe Products in UK. "Rubber" and "Valley" covers are not interchangeable. The Necky rubber "Rubber" hatch covers are discontinued. The Large Old Town Space Hatch and Small Old Town Space Hatch are the only possible options for replacement.

2. Round deck plates that screw in, like a jar, or have a toggle locking handle. This type will have a rim bolted or screwed to the kayak deck, with a separate cover. Deck plates will show as "Screw-In" and "Twist Lock". They are also not interchangeable.

3. Double cover system that has a hard outer cover, strapped in place, (not available for replacement; If you should need a hard outer cover please contact Tom) and under it, a soft neoprene inner cover that stretches tightly over the hatch opening, like a small spray skirt.

Neoprene hatch covers, the soft fabric inner covers, are numbered 1 through 14. (IMPORTANT: Numbered hatch covers from other kayak brands are not necessarily interchangeable.) Both the hard outer cover and the soft inner cover must be used together, and correctly closed, for the kayak to be watertight.

The neoprene hatch covers are made from stretchy rubber material, like a wet suit. The dimensions listed in the product descriptions are approximate and are of the neoprene cover when "relaxed". The dimensions are not of the actual hatch opening in the kayak, that may be slightly different from the relaxed cover dimensions. Some of the neoprene covers in this list are very rare, in short supply, and have been in storage at Necky Kayaks Inc for many years. They may be quite "dusty", but this will wash off with water.

Look up your kayak model by name.

The fit guide will provide links to the correct parts. If the specified hatch is not linked the product may be discontinued or not yet in stock at the TopKayaker Shop.

We will make every effort to keep this listing of Necky hatch covers up to date as new models are added, and old covers become discontinued. Necky Kayaks covered on the fit list (2009) Amaruk (Composite), Amaruk (Polymer), Arluk (1, 1.8, 1.9, 2, 3, 4), Chatham Series , Cruiser, Cruiser 2, Dolphin, Dorado, Elaho/Elaho HV/Elaho Sport* (Composite), Elaho/Elaho HV/Elaho Sport* (Polymer), Eliza (Composite), Eliza (Polymer), Eskia, Gannet , Gannet II, Kyook Plus, Looksha series (Composite), Looksha 4, Sport (Polymer), Looksha Sport LV , Looksha V, Manitou 13 (Composite), Manitou 14 (Composite), Manitou 13/Manitou Sport, Mantiou 14, Manitou II, Narpa, Nootka , Nootka Plus, Nootka Outfitter, Pinta, Santa Cruze, Sky/Sky 2, Spike, Tahsis, Taruq, Tesla / Tesla NM, Tofino, Tornak, Zoar Sport LV/(Chelan)**, Zoar / Zoar Sport, Original Arluk 2, Original Gannet 2, Ocean Kayak Venus 11